Vienna Interversity Social 2024

Im Hintergrund ist eine Bar zu sehen. Im Vordergrund steht der Text: "Vienna Intervarsity 2024 Social"

11.5.2024 – Plutzer Bräu, 1070 Wien

We just know you guys are excited for our legendary socials – and we are too! Smack bang in the heart of Vienna Plutzer Bräu offers you a true authentic Austrian Beisl experience. Drinks and snacks aplenty, and a great atmosphere makes for a fantastic Eurovision social (also for those of you still having nightmares from last years social – no cloakroom!). 🇪🇺
For those of you who’re looking more for a chill drink and chat, a separate side room will be organised where you can cool down from an intense day and vibe with your debate pals! 🍻
All of this couldn’t be done without the expert event organisation courtesy of @mo0nanas ( – give them a like/shoutout if you can ❤️)

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